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About Us

PT. Tunggal Buana Utama
About Us

PT. Tunggal Buana Utama

Established in 1989 and headquartered in Bogor since 1992, PT. Tunggal Buana Utama (formerly PT.Tri Bawana Utama) provides both surveying and non-reflection seismic geophysical services to the oil/gas, geothermal and mining industries.

Field crews work throughout the Indonesian archipelago, south east and central Asia, applying state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques for geothermal, groundwater, hydrocarbons and mineral exploration.

The company has the proven capability to undertake a broad range of land surveying projects, from low-order surveys for geological and geophysical exploration to geodetic-precision measurements for the monitoring of geothermal reservoirs and construction deformation.

Our technical affiliate company, GEOSYSTEM SRL of Milan, Italy is an international leader in both potential field and electro-geophysics, particularly magnetotellurics [MT], time-domain electromagnetics [TDEM] and micro-earthquake seismology [MEQ].

Clients can therefore be provided with a unique integrated service, beginning with project design, continuing with field management, data acquisition and processing, through to a complete interpretation followed by recommendations. Clients range from international agencies to energy, mining and civil engineering companies.

Consultant & Surveying Services Since 1989.

Quality Control and Safety

PT TUNGGAL BUANA UTAMA follows the Quality Control Procedures of ISO9002 (BS5750 Part2): all survey and processing steps are carried out according to well-defined methods.

In-field data checking is greatly facilitated by software developed in-house, thereby ensuring that errors are identified and corrected before leaving the field. Safety is a major consideration in any field program.

TBU has an incident-free safety record, the result of close supervision of field operations and the implementation of the International Association of Geophysical Contractors safety and environmental programs.

Our Services

We provides both surveying and non-reflection seismic geophysical services to the oil/gas, geothermal and mining industries.

Geophysical Studies

GPS and Omnistar Positioning

Geodetic and Plane Surveying

Company History and Aims


PT. TUNGGAL BUANA UTAMA is a small Indonesian-based company staffed by a total of twenty national administrators and technicians, together with two fulltime expatriate technical advisers. Additional expatriate technical advisers are often recruited to provide supervision and training of local staff in new disciplines, particularly on projects in north and central Asia.

Since its creation in 1989, PT.TBU has delivered a wide range of surveying services varying from low-order topographical and geological mapping to geodetic-precision time-lapsed repeat studies of producing geothermal steam fields. An integrated approach to geothermal exploration has been utilized on many projects within Indonesia, which result in simultaneous modeling of gravity, magnetic [TDEM] and magnetotelluric [MT] data to provide a surprisingly detailed picture of structure to a depth of several kilometers.

As in oil exploration, gravity and magnetic methods are primarily of use as structural tools. On behalf of clients exploring for hydrocarbons, PT.TBU has undertaken large semi-regional potential field surveys in the remote regions of Lengguru, Bomberai ( West Papua ), Pulau Seram ( Maluku ) and Ketunggau ( West Kalimantan ) – all within the Republic of Indonesia.

Projects in north, south and central Asia include gravity profiling along seismic lines in Bangladesh, detail gravity profiles over mineral deposits in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia and semi-regional gravity studies along wide-spaced profiles at At Bashi, Issykull and Tyup within The Republic of Kyrgyztan. Currently, PT.TBU monitors three producing geothermal fields in West Java, Indonesia utilizing digital leveling methods to geodetic 1st order, micro-gravity data acquisition and processing, and micro-earthquake [MEQ] passive seismic methodology.


PT. TUNGGAL BUANA UTAMA intends to continue providing geophysical, with associated surveying, services utilizing the latest available technologies and software. The relatively small size of the company, together with the continued use of long-term experienced personnel, has over the years resulted in client relationships based on simple honesty and trust.

In the present era and financial climate, large service contractors are no longer prepared to undertake relatively small exploration projects at low costs. It is the continuing aim of PT. TBU to provide these specialist services to the various exploration industries in south-east and central Asia, irrespective of project size, duration and location at cost-effective levels.

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PT. Tunggal Buana Utama

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